The Poplar Tapes

1492 Land Back Lane, The Twentieth Century and the Character of Canada

August 23, 2020

In this episode, Kiegan Irish and Alex Boos discuss some of the events transpiring at 1492 Land Back Lane, where Haudenosaunee land defenders and allies have been actively holding Haudenosaunee territory since July 19, 2020, before diving into a film analysis of Winnipeg film director Matthew Rankin’s The Twentieth Century. Join us as we revisit the plot, themes, historical resonances and symbolism of Rankin’s film in effort to comprehend what this film can tell us about Canadian history, politics, identity and the construction of a national psyche.

Huge thank you goes out to Jacob Irish for his ongoing commitment and work to postproduction for this podcast. Thank you to all our listeners for sticking with us! 

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